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Played Zombie Tsunami and other games on PC with Bluestacks . Try it out!

Made to make you smile.
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New Mission Update:
in January:
For New Year.. the Zombies are planning an explosive party….
in February:
Will the Zombies be able to find love on Valentine’s day ?
in March:
Saint Patrick’s Day will be overflowing with gold. How much can you collect?.
in April :
At Easter ,
The eggs are really well hidden, and the hunt is on. Bells will be swinging.
in May:
The Zombies will leave soon,
not to see the sea, but under the sea!
in June:
The Zombies are making Lasers….Lots of Lasers
in July:
Soon, the Zombies will overrun the moon ….Literally
in August:
The Zombies are inventing a machine to make it rain brains..
in September:
A T-Rex is on the way to do battle with the Zombies…and he isn’t happy.
in October:
The Zombies are getting ready for Halloween…
in November:
The zombies are growing the biggest man-eating Plant in the world. It will be soon as big as a building.
in December:
The Zombies are going to replace Santa at Christmas…..

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